California Prune Breakfast Detox Smoothie by Jennifer Irvine

Jennifer Irvine is an acclaimed author and healthy food advocate and is the latest UK brand ambassador for the California Prune Board.


Handful of rolled oats
1 banana
Small handful of ready-to-eat California Prunes (about 4)
1 tsp honey 
Approx 20g live yoghurt
Tablespoon of chia seeds
Approx 150 ml Skimmed / semi-skimmed  milk
Approx 150 ml California Prune juice
1 tsp fresh root ginger
Couple of lettuce leaves


Firstly, place the oats in the blender and blend until you have a fine powder.  Then add all the rest of the ingredients, except for the milk and the prune juice. 
Add enough milk to go half-way up the glass, and top with enough prune juice to cover the solid ingredients. 
Blend, adding more liquid to get your preferred consistency. 

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