Why California Prunes should be your go-to snack this year

TORONTO, ONT (January 11, 2022) – Canadians are focused on health and wellness, and as a result, they are looking for healthy snacks and foods that will help them make improvements to their diet and lifestyle in the year ahead.

“One snack that should be considered during the winter months when fresh fruit is more costly is California Prunes,” says Canadian-based dietitian Angela Dufour. “Prunes contain dietary fibre, have a low glycemic index, which helps manage sugar levels, and one serving of five prunes contains only 100 calories.”

Prunes are a delicious, shelf-stable alternative to fresh fruit, and a convenient, portable snack. Three recent studies show that prunes are not only tasty, but they also offer gut, bone, and heart health benefits:

  • Researchers from the University of Liverpool* found that study participants who ate prunes reported reduced hunger levels and improved satiety than people choosing other snacks during a 12-week test.
  • New research from San Diego State University’s School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences** reports that eating prunes daily has a protective effect on bone health in men over 50. This study is the first of its kind to examine prunes’ beneficial effect on bones in men. The study authors reported that the men who ate prunes showed improvements in bone geometry indicating greater bone strength.
  • There are studies that link a positive balance of good bacteria cultures in our gut with our mental health, and research is showing that the gut-brain connection is more influential than once thought.*** California Prunes are a great way to meet one’s fibre needs, which contribute to maintaining gut health. They also contain sorbitol, phenols, and pre and probiotics, which all work together to promote good gut bacteria.

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** Hooshmand S. et al, 2021.
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NOTE: The research included in * and ** was funded by USDA Foreign Agricultural Service with contributions from the California Prune Board and the Californian Raisin Administrative Committee. The funders were not involved in the drafting or content of the manuscripts.

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Emily Wilchesky,
Client Service Manager