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Expert Advice

Expert Advice

The Perfect Pantry

By The California Prune Board

For saving space, and storing healthy ingredients.

An organized pantry supports a healthy cooking and baking ecosystem because it helps you identify and create your list of groceries and reduce waste. California Prunes’ “Perfect Pantry” will not only help you set up your own pantry, but also find the right place for your healthy and delicious California Prunes for when you need a quick snack.

1. Where to put your pantry?

  • Separate room (for the lucky ones!)
  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Exposed shelves (keep them tidy!)

2. How to store the essentials

Dried fruit such as California Prunes whose long shelf life, premium quality, and versatility in the kitchen make them an indispensable item, especially during winter. They are a source of fibre, vitamin K and manganese, nutrients that promote the maintenance of normal bones.

3. Tips & Tricks

Categorize: Grouping foods in categories makes it easier to look for what you need and plan when you are running low.

Position: Place your food items strategically on the shelves to keep expiration dates visible. This helps in reducing food wastage.

Organize: Plan to tidy your pantry at least once each month as it helps you take stock of inventory and ensure you’re using fresh ingredients.

  • The California Prune Board

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