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Expert Advice

California Prunes – Go with Your Gut

A previous study showed that drinking prune juice for four weeks increased the counts of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus spp. Now a recent study shows that eating California Prunes daily can alter the gut fecal microbiome. Specifically, eating prunes showed an enrichment in the beneficial bacteria from the Lachnospiraceae family, as well as a reduction in Clostridium sensustricto, which is pathogenic. Lachnospiraceae are a group of bacteria known to produce short-chain fatty acids. They may help maintain the gut epithelial barrier to ease nutrient passage and may protect against the progression of inflammatory bowel disease via anti-inflammatory activity.

In the current study published in Food & Function, researchers examined the fecal gut microbiome of 143 postmenopausal women aged 55-75, who were then split into three groups: they consumed 50 g prunes per day; 100 g prunes per day; or control (no prunes).

After 12 months, fecal microbiomes were re-examined. Researchers found notable enrichment in bacteria from the family Lachnospiraceae, which may be associated with a decrease in inflammatory markers. This helps maintain the integrity of the gut and may be involved in bone health too. Future studies connected with this research are expected to report long term benefits on the gut microbiome from eating prunes. Stay tuned!

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