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Expert Advice

California Prunes – Feel it in your Bones

There are several nutrients and compounds in prunes that may be responsible for their beneficial effects on bone health.

  • The phenolic compounds and dietary fiber content in prunes may alter the gut microbiome in a manner that decreases the circulation of inflammatory markers, ultimately decreasing bone turnover.
  • Phenolic compounds may also be responsible for antioxidant activity that helps slow bone loss, and potentially promote bone formation.
  • The combination vitamins and minerals in prunes, including vitamin K, boron, manganese and potassium, work in conjunction with calcium and vitamin D (found in other foods) to support bone health.

Osteoporosis Prevention for your Clients

It’s never too early to provide advice about healthy bones. A study conducted by Osteoporosis Canada estimates that by 2035, almost 42,000 Canadians will experience a broken hip each year. That shows us that even individuals in their 30s and 40s should think about their bone health now to avoid problems later in life. Add five or six California Prunes to the daily diet. It’s a tasty, evidence-based, and actionable recommendation to support bone health now and into the future.

A recent study examined the effects of either 50 g (5 prunes) or 100 g (10 prunes) on biomarkers of inflammation and bone metabolism in men with some degree of bone loss. The researchers found that men consuming either dose of prunes showed some modest improvements in bone biomarkers. Longer term studies are needed (this was only a three-month trial).

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