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Expert Advice

California Prunes – Deliciously Versatile!

By Chef Matt Demille

As a busy chef and a father of two kids, I’m always on the lookout for ingredients that are readily available, versatile, nutritious, and of course delicious. I’ve started using California Prunes in many of my recipes because they are delicious, have multiple health benefits and are super versatile. California Prunes are these under-the-radar superfood that are healthy and support your gut, bone and heart health.

From soups and stews to BBQ sauce and baking, not only do they offer a whole new depth of flavour but also give me the chance to add richness and a healthy kick to almost anything I’m making. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, a snack, or dinner. There’s always a tasty way to incorporate California Prunes in several recipes.

For breakfast, I love incorporating them into my smoothies, granola bars, and muffins for a superfood start to the day. When I’m looking for simplicity in the morning, I add chopped California Prunes to my cereal or granola. For lunch, I roughly chop and add them to a healthy Chickpea Tabouli Salad with California Prunes. I also enjoy them inside grilled cheese with sharp cheddar for a complementary flavour kick. California Prunes are the perfect size to pop into my kids’ lunches for a chewy and earthy flavoured snack. I also pack them into a container with fresh vegetables, cheeses, and crackers. At dinnertime you can add California Prunes to a beef stew for some added richness or to a couscous salad along with lots of fresh herbs. You can even create a California Prune and Maple BBQ sauce to glaze chicken, ribs, and vegetables.

California Prunes are ideal to have on hand especially around the holidays. While you’re preparing to entertain, pick up some California Prunes and add them to a charcuterie platter or serve alongside a chocolate or cheese fondue. For a festive feast, try using them in your favourite stuffing recipe or simmer them to glaze your roast ham. To finish the meal, California Prunes pair well with almost any dessert including sauces, cakes, squares, and my fruity Apple and California Prune Crumble.

Prunes from California have a moist, chewy texture with an earthy taste that makes them almost irresistible.

Find California Prunes at your local grocery or bulk goods stores and look for prunes labelled “Product of USA” OR “Product of California”.

If you haven’t used California Prunes in the past, or you’d love to get to know them all over again, grab a bag of California Prunes, add them to your favourite recipes and enjoy the delicious results!

  • Chef Matt Demille

    Chef Matt Demille

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